Singapore Food and Travel Experience

Singapore Food and Travel Experience

Tried a lot of things. To my luck, in the tea, milk tea shops, they were putting the boba pearls for free 😀 . So, I used this opportunity and tried different tea and premium flavors everyday, like oolong, chocolate, oreo, coffee, milo, and mango. In Singapore’s hot and humid afternoons, it was the most soothing thing. Milo coffees and shakes are one of the most liked beverages. 

Then comes the famous Singapore breakfast “The kaya toast“. I had it from one of the most famous and oldest restaurant “Ya Kun Kaya Toast“. So, basically its a toasted bread in which there is a layer of coconut slice, and some butter. It is served with soft boiled eggs, and tea or coffee on the side. I am definitely a coffee person so I went for a coffee. And that coffee was soooo soooo great. I am not used to having black coffee. But you can say that became my starting point to like back coffee . So, I added some soya sauce to my soft boiled eggs, and dig right in.

The combination of kaya toast and soft boiled eggs was indeed heavenly . Although at the airport while returning I decided to have a french cheese toast from the same restaurant’s branch in airport. The toast was disappointing. But thankfully eggs and coffee served with it saved my last meal in Singapore. 

Then moving on to item, I couldn’t leave Singapore without trying. “The Chili Crab“. I was staying in Joo Chiat area. So, I found “Roland Restaurant” nearby me serving one of the best chili crabs. And that was indeed one of the best lunches of my life. Eating chili crab is definitely a challenge in terms of cleaning. Its pretty messy, plus if you are having it for the first time, secondly if you are dining alone. But, all this couldn’t stop me from enjoying every bite of the dish. 

And now, the best dish of Singapore and my life. “Lobster roll” from “Pince and Pints“. I have had crabs before, but this was my first time trying a Lobster. I got to know about its reviews from zomato and openrice, a food app of Singapore. And it was WOW!!! i couldn’t get over its taste for a week. The lobster meat was so tender and so so juicy. They serve it with a garlic tasting butter sauce on the side. That was like cherry on the cake. Oh!! My mouth is watering again. 

I also tried some other famous foods from Singapore’s Hawlker centers like, Prawn dumpling noodles, AMAZINGG!!!. In Indian food they have the famous “Roti Prata” from Mr and Mrs Mohgan’s Super Crispy Roti Prata, tried many different varieties like egg prata, onion prata, mushroom prata, it is served with chicken/mutton curry on the side, another must try dish. Another famous food joint “Old chang kee“, makes curry puffs filling was good, but they were too oily so didn’t really like them. crab and prawn nuggets (Okayish). 
Sadly, I couldn’t try the Durian fruit. Can’t wait to go back and explore the remaining list of dishes someday. So, that was my food journey of Singapore.

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