Jonathan’s Kitchen – A Fine Dine

Jonathan’s Kitchen – A Fine Dine

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Jonathan’s Kitchen is a fine dine restaurant by Holiday Inn Express offering one of the best Italian food all over Hyderabad. It has a romantic ambiance with live soothing music. I have been here countless times, sometimes on a date and other times with group of friends, but have never been disappointed with the food.

Prices are bit on the higher side, but quantity served is also pretty good, besides they have zomato gold applicable which makes it a catch with great food and 50% less price. Once we literally ordered a pizza and a pasta as 1 on 1 offer, we were so stuffed that we actually had to get 2 pizza slices parceled.

I have been to Jonathan’s Kitchen Sunday buffet many times, but my favorite thing on the menu has to be their blueberry cheesecake. Its not an exaggeration when I say it is to die for.

Food Presentation:

Another thing I love about them is their food presentation, for me plating has always been an important part of reviewing a restaurant, and Jonathan’s always takes the cake in that. They do keep experimenting by adding new and unique dishes time to time or change pattern of their buffets, so I always have an excuse to keep visiting them frequently ?.

I got the invitation for Jonathan’s Kitchen new menu launch party with a group of part time bloggers. Here I got to sit beside a table of some of the food critic legends of Hyderabad. The presented dishes were approx 20% of a wholesome menu. Everything was absolutely lip smacking, I have never struggled this much in choosing the favorite dish, but if I absolutely have to choose, generally I would go for a dessert, but here it would have to be the delicious, flavorful and tender Rogan Josh ?.

So, here are some of the HIGHLY RECOMMENDED dishes:


Cheese Sambousek

This dish blew my mind, it was in the form of mini samosas, with lots of cheese stuffed on the inside, and as soon as you take a bite, the cheese just oozes out of the samosa. Just amazing.

Baked Brie

Special dish for the cheese lovers, an amazingly innovative idea. Cheese backed and topped with pistachio, almond crumbled and served with sweet chili sauce. Great taste.

Kumbh ke Galouti

I am a big time mushroom lover, seriously never imagined such a dish made with mushrooms. Plus above it all, the galouti kebabs had cheese on the inside, which made the taste heavenly.

Fried Tortellini

Another amazing preparation, beautifully crunchy crust from the outside, with amazing mushroom and goat cheese in the inside.

Sea Food:

Thai Basil Prawns

When it comes to seafood area I am a bit selective, and prawns definitely come on the positive side. I was looking forward to tying this dish. Prawns cooked in mild spicy thai sauce, fulfilled all my cravings for yummlicious Prawns.

Soft shell Crab

Being a north Indian, I haven’t had much experience with seafood. This was the first time I was trying a crab dish. They were basically small deep fried crunchy crabs

Tuna Tartlets

I had tuna once before this. Ordered a tuna sub from Subway and it was a terrifying experience ?. After that day I swore not to have Tuna again, but this dish was sooo good. Tuna was fresh and juicy.

Veg Sushi

Personally I feel veg sushi doesn’t do justice to the dish Sushi, its the same debate as Veg biryani is not a biryani ? so, I liked it fine.

Tuna Tartar Salad

Well I am one of those who never orders Salad in a restaurant. But for those who do, I would surely recommend this. It had avocado base with tuna on top and garnished with green apple, oranges, toasted sesame and garlic toast. Plus I just fell in love with the presentation ?.

Main Course:

Murrel Crust

This was something I had never tried before. It was a murrel fish coated with roasted sesame seeds with rice and delicious white sauce on the side. Must order.

Nalli Roganjosh

Star main course dish. I visited the restaurant again just to have this ?.


Praline Ganache Cake

Well this goes my fav dessert without saying. Being a chocolate lover it was paradise for people like me.

Blueberry Cheesecake

Last but not the least, my fav in the whole menu, blueberry cheesecake. MUST TRY.

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