Kohinoor Xpress Eats

Kohinoor Xpress Eats

Kohinoor Xpress Eats Choley Masala

I am not very fond of cooking. But in quarantine I pretty much ain’t left with a choice, half the population has learnt cooking during this time. But obviously it takes a lot of time and interest to reach your mother’s level of cooking, especially when you are unwilling to do it. So, I was really craving that slow cooked, spicy curries made by my mum. I definitely don’t have the patience to stand more than 30 min into my kitchen. So, I was strolling through MilkBasket, when I came accross Kohinoor Xpress curries. It has 3-4 varieties of curries Dal Makhani, Palak Paneer, Choley Masala, Dal Tadka etc. Now I am big big chickpeas fan, so didn’t had to think twice before ordering Choley Masala.

Kohinoor Xpress Eats packaging specified there were 3 ways to prepare them. Using Microwave, using pan and using boiled water. I decided to go for, tearing by 2cms and Microwave for 90 seconds. After 90 seconds, they seemed to be cooked completely. I had prepared boiled rice to go with it.

Coming to taste, first I tried the curry itself, it was very very sour. I thought it’ll get better after mixing with rice. But it was still very sour, I felt like, if sometimes you have very sour and spicy food and next day your throat get really painful and messed up. So I decided to add a lot of curd to lower down the acidity. That helped a lot in bringing down the sourness. I actually liked it after that.

So, if you decide to go for trying Kohinoor Xpress RTEs, if you find them very acidic, I would suggest to add lot of curd, or just add the curry to pan and add some water to cook for a while. If you have it directly, good luck.

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