TATA Q Ready to Eat Pasta Review

Outer Packaging

TATA Q Ready to Eat Pasta Review

I wouldn’t call myself a cheese lover, like for me Domino’s cheese burst has way too much cheese in it. But I have been surrounded by a couple of friends, for whom cheese is never too much, more the merrier. So, while I was talking to one of those friend’s, she talked so much about the cheesy pasta that she had made at her home. It got me to crave for pasta myself 😅. So, while making my milkbasket order, I cam across this Tata Q RTE – Quick Quisine Pastas. They have 5-6 different Tata Q RTE varieties. I have always preferred white sauce over red sauce pasta. Honestly I don’t feel very positive about ordering chicken in my ready to eat foods. I try to choose only vegetarian foods when coming to RTE. So I went for “Cheese Pasta with Black Olives”.

What I liked about the product was it was 100% ready to eat, the inside packaging is designed to be able to eat directly from the container itself. They provided a fork, a tissue paper and some oregano seasoning with the packaging too. Another plus point was that it was pretty time convenient, you just have to microwave for 1 minute and its ready.

Now coming to taste, the cheese quantity was way too much, the final product was like 65% cheese and 35% pasta and olives. Cheese was overpowering the taste of pasta so much, I felt like I was literally chewing cheese pieces with chunks of olives coming in between. Seasoning was pretty good, added a good flavor to cheese, but yeah overall, a NAH for me. Now if you are a hardcore cheese lover, then you may consider giving it a try.

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