ITC Kohenur Food and Stay

ITC Kohenur Food and Stay

A dream come true:

Whenever I passed by ITC Kohenur or went to inorbit mall right opposite to it, I always wished to stay there someday. The building looks so fancy and magnificent from outside. Then finally came a day when that dream came true ?. First thing we saw as we arrived at the entrance was an Audi R8 spyder ?. Our car keys were taken for valet parking.

As we entered, they welcomed us with beautiful silk stoles around our neck, I mean I wan’t expecting that at all so that was impressive and fancy AF. Then we were taken to our room, the lifts are super fast, as we entered the room, damn it was pure golden – royal feels, fancy wardrobe, fancy sofa, king size bed and beautiful study table and damn fancy chair.

Hunger Treasure Hunt:

We were really hungry, so we decided to order lunch. I searched the whole room, almirah, table drawers, magazine stand on the table ? but couldn’t find the menu anywhere. Now this was definitely surprising, I surely wasn’t expecting ITC Kohenur to forget placing menu into the room, I called the reception and here’s the most impressive thing I heard ?, Ma’am there is an IPAD on the side table, you can place your order using that. So, this Ipad controlled restaurants orders, lights and AC dimming and switches, TV controls and the doorbell and dnd status of the room, I mean that took all the limelight of the stay. We ordered a thin crust mushroom pizza and mushroom starter, food was actually pretty good, so after a fulfilling meal we watched a bit of TV and then went for work.

After having some sleep, we went for a swim, I love to swim and I was swimming after about a year, so I swam for almost an hour. Pool had a beautiful view of the city and a huge garden on the side, it was the best part of my day indeed.

  • bouncy comfy bed
  • Fancy Sofa
  • food
  • Mushroom starter
  • Mushroom Pizza

Breakfast Buffet:

The next morning I was really looking forward to the breakfast buffet, but we slept pretty late so I requested at the reception to give us a wake up call, the next day we were woken up and went for breakfast. Firstly, coming to variety of dishes I felt, it had much more variety of western cuisines than Indian. They had the biggest variety in bakery section, than any other buffet I have been to. But honestly they didn’t taste fresh.

Pancakes and toasts were pre made, so they went a bit cold and soggy. I tried a toast, which looked pretty different and interesting, it had a dried pineapple on it, but it turned out to be very chewy and dry with a really bad texture and no taste, couldn’t finish it. I was excited to try the parfait but that turned out to be another disappointment, the yogurt in it was kind of sour. Although Dosa, Vada and filter coffee were really good. So yeah they definitely saved the breakfast. With the overall food experience, I can safely say it wasn’t the best breakfast buffet I have been to. Overall stay at ITC Kohenur was still amazing and hella fancy, worthy of five star hotel, great service, beautiful swimming pool and a bouncy comfy bed ?.

  • Noodles
  • Classic Broiche
  • Cinnamon Bun
  • Baked Doughnut
  • Pear and Aprikot Danish
  • Banana Crumble Danish
  • Pain-Au-Chocolat
  • Ham and Salami
  • Pineapple Cheese Toasts
  • Cheese Platter
  • Yogurt Toppings
  • Breakfast Serials
  • Fruits Selection
  • Rawa Idli
  • Different Chutneys
  • Vada
  • Chaat
  • Parathas and Kachoris
  • Sauce Toppings
  • Scrambled Eggs
  • Pancakes and French Toasts
  • Pumpkin Walnut Salad
  • Filter Coffee
  • Plain Dosa

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