The Coffee Cup – Good and Economical Food

Breakfast Platter

The Coffee Cup – Good and Economical Food

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Got to hear a lot about The Coffee Cup from my foodie friends. I was looking forward to visit it for really long time, but the issue was its 30 kms from our IIIT Hyderabad. Now a days the metro connections have been expanded much more in Hyderabad so it’s easier to go via Metro, but back then we needed a vehicle to travel there. So we planned an early morning weekend trip, booked a car from Drivezy and left around 06:00 AM so as to avoid traffic.

We reached The Coffee Cup by 07:30 AM. Restaurant opening time is 08:00 AM. So we waited in an outside dorm seating that they have set up, while they were setting up the inside seating area, we were in by 08:10. Two other group also arrived, one of which seemed regular. He picked up the guitar kept in the restaurant and started playing it was very light and soothing music.

One whole wall is dedicated to huge collection of different books and so many different games, the ambience is really cozy, they have wooden seating. They also have different games like chess, UNO, Jenga etc. Prices here are pretty reasonable, that’s another plus point to it.

Here are some of the things we ordered:

Continental egg breakfast

Breakfast platters are their specialty. For egg choice we went for masala omelet. Platter consists of breads, saute mushrooms, beans and tomato. They told us that potato cutlets weren’t available, and asked us if we would be okay with having potato wedges instead, we agreed on that. Masala omelet was properly cooked, tasted pretty good. Quantity of breakfast is really good, good enough for two people.

Sizzler Potato and spinach Cheesy Platter

The dish consists three huge potato croquettes, stuffed with strong green chilies, potato, spinach and lots of cheese. We had to take a break and play for sometime, and get back to finish it ?.

Dangerous Devil’s

Its basically a chocolate brownie shake, really good. Brownie’s were really soft and fresh, also it wasn’t too sweet.

Naughty Frappe

A simple chocolate shake with lots of chocolate chips. Medium consistency shake, neither too runny, nor too thick, and chocolate chips give a beautiful crunch.

Mushroom Cheese Garlic Breads

These are must have, I have been to this place three times, and this has always been on my table. Crunchy bread with loads of cheese and saute mushrooms.

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