A trip to Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Lotus Pond

A trip to Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Got an opportunity to visit Kaohsiung city in Taiwan to attend a conference held by ITW IEEE in Nov, 2k17. The conference was held in a beautiful convention center Kaohsiung Exhibition Center. It was a 5-day long conference, so we planned our trip for 6 nights and 7 days. Booked a 3-star hotel Long Siang Hotel, it was about 9500 rs. for 6 nights, so basically a good budget. It wasn’t a very fancy hotel, good enough for the price, but for me, it was a win for location, as the Ruefing Night Market was literally 10 minutes walking distance from the hotel.

Now luckily my presentation was at the first-day conference and it went great ?, so after the presentation, I got to explore Taiwan without any worries. The food at the conference was absolutely A1, hands down. From snacks to a proper lunch they took food very seriously ?.

  • Conference Ppt
  • Presentation
  • conference food
  • conference lunch

MRT is the best mode of transportation in Kaohsiung, pretty reasonable prices. The best part of every day was visiting 7-Eleven and trying new things. I always prefer exploring the city roaming around in the streets, with bubble tea in hand ?, experiencing new things, and meeting new people. Although the latter was a bummer in Taiwan as there is a huge language barrier, most of the people I got to interact with didn’t know English, I literally had to use google translate to convey everything. While roaming around I came across a shaved ice shop, tried the matcha flavor shaved ice.

What I appreciate the most about Taiwan was, I used to return to my hotel at 11 pm at night, all alone, but it was absolutely safe. Another highlight of the city is it has so many bakery shops selling different varieties of bread, tried many different kinds like blueberry cream cheese, chocolate-filled, Hazelnut, and the famous pineapple bun.

ITW conference organizers had also organized a cruise tour that covers pretty much the whole city around. It was so much fun interacting with fellow scholars. After the cruise I went to a sushi belt restaurant for dinner, I had seen sushi belt places on YouTube many times, so I was really excited to finally go to one. We tried around 10-12 types of sushi, but the star of the day was cheesecake. This has been the best cheesecake I have had till date, any other cheesecake hasn’t even been near to how good it was.

  • Cruise Ride
  • Cruise Ride with Exhibition Center
  • Oyster
  • Smoked Salmon
  • Shaved Ice

The main tourist attractions in Kaohsiung are Lotus Pond and 85 Sky Tower, Lotus Pond is basically a man-made lake filled with lotus plants surrounding a beautiful temple, it is a very silent and soothing place. 85 Sky Tower is a must-visit, you get to go to the 78th floor in this beautiful lift designed to give an illusion like you are in the open air with thousands of sparkling stars over your head. With increasing levels, you can actually feel the lowering of oxygen. The 78th floor is a small museum, there are a small cafe and gift shop, because of being so high up you feel like the floor is floating, looking down at night you can see the whole city, its best to visit at night time.

  • Lotus Pond
  • 85 Sky Tower

Now coming to my fav part FOOD:

Other than having fantastic food at the conference, I went to the Rueifong night market. Night markets are the best way to explore local food because we can find almost everything within the budget. I got to try so many things on my “will try someday list”. Octopus balls are otherwise known as Takoyaki. Korean pancakes, otherwise known as KimChiJuen, the famous Rueifong Fried Chicken, pork dumplings, mochi balls, and corn dogs. It was so satisfying to finally get to try all these, also purchased some souvenirs for friends and family.

I made a lot of videos, but I didn’t have a good camera phone, so here are some screenshots of food from those videos.

  • Takoyaki being prepared
  • Kimchijuen
  • Egg shaped breads
  • Crepes
  • Mochi
  • Pork dumplings
  • Pork Momos
  • Takoyaki

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