Olive Bistro – The Romantic Bistro

Olive Bistro – The Romantic Bistro

There are very few restaurants which match the romantic feel and ambience of “The Olive Bistro”. A beautiful atmosphere with delectable food makes it one of my favorite places in Hyderabad. The best thing about this place is the location, a bit far from the bustling city life, the place has a sense of calm to it. If you work in a corporate environment, you would be able to comprehend the importance of a seclusion from daily work. Situated on a hill, it is a bungalow restaurant and has a cozy blue-white theme with a mesmerizing lake view.

Given the description, Olive Bistro surely rings expensive bells in ears and it is true that it burns a deep hole in your pocket, but it’s worth visiting at least once. If you ask me I have never been able to pick the best among Olive Bistro and Flying Spaghetti Monster when it comes to Romantic places in Hyderabad. They both are a tie for me at first place ?.

I have been to Olive Bistro twice, once for Sunday Brunch and once for dinner. The Sunday brunch now is a proper buffet, however, when we visited, they had an entirely different concept. You had to choose from limited options of starters and main course. Salads and desserts were to be taken from the buffet. The entire Sunday brunch was for 1990 bucks.

In my honest opinion, I like this option better than having a normal buffet. In most of my experiences of having buffets, I have noticed a serious downgrade in quality to meet quantity. Having a limited choice here ensured that quality was taken care of and everything was served with beautiful plating. After all Olive Bistro is known for its quality and plating in Al’a Carte.

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Sunday Brunch

We started with salads. They had a huge variety of veg and non-veg salads. Veg salad: Beetroot salad was really nice, hummus was really tasty, apple and cheese salad and Caesar’s salad were okay okay. Veg pasta salad was good. Roast pepper was good. And we loved the olives too.

Non-veg salad: Hummus and chicken was really good, I loved the pork sausages, Caesar’s chicken salad was great. Fritata was very tasty. Shrimp quinoa tabuleh was okay, it was kinda bland. the chicken pasta was good too.

After salad everything was served on the table. They started with pizza.
Veg Pizza: Mushrooms, capsicum and olives with lots of cheese, made with thin crust.
Non-Veg Pizza: Chicken with pork strips and lots of cheese, made with thin crust.
Both the pizzas were great, loved them both. After pizza, it was time for the main course.

Vegetarian Dishes

Sweet and spicy pancakes with grilled vegetables and goat cheese: The presentation was great, and the concept was very different. Loved the taste.

Arancini with spicy caramel: we asked the waiter to bring it, but it never made to our table.

Refried bean doughnuts: They had a sweet flavored sauce on the outside, and cheese filling inside, it tasted great.

Vegetable with spicy rice: It was more like rice with chickpeas and paneer pieces tossed in arrabiata sauce. It was okay.

Non- Vegetarian Dishes

Char grilled chicken and doughnuts: The chicken tasted amazing and it was going well with the donuts. Loved the presentation too.

Char grilled fish with mustard beurre blanc and sweet corn: I didn’t like it at all. I had a bite and then I returned it.

Lamb tagine: It was rice served with chickpeas and lamb. Lamb tasted great. I liked it a lot.

Chicken shish touk with hummus and pita bread: Hummus and pita bread were great. Chicken was okayish, not wow.

After this we ordered Penne Alfredo pasta and was surprised to see only mushrooms. It was okay but I expected a lot more from their pasta. I have had my share of great pastas and this is definitely not one of them.


Banoffee Tarts, Cookie Dough Cheesecake, Chocolate Mousse, Tiramisu all these were really good and highlight was surely Chocolate Brownie.
Caramel Custard and Berry Panna cotta were one of my least favorite.
Ice Creams: We had the option of taking it in cone or as a stone creation. We had the stone creation, it was pretty tasty.


Favorite: Sour whiskey.
LIT and Sangria were also pretty good.
In beer they served wheat beer, Hoegaarden. It was awesome.


I visited once again for dinner with a couple of my friends, my little brother and sister when they visited. The place had a different cozy vibe at night and if given an option I would like to visit the place evenings with night dwelling as time passes by. All of the pizzas we ordered were awesome but the star of the night was their famous Olive Bistro Seven Layered Cake and I am not exaggerating when I say, we licked the plate clean.

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