Indian Foodies Hub – IFH

Indian Foodies Hub – IFH

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Indian Foodies Hub is a spacious restaurant with simple comfy outdoor and indoor seating. The management is really appreciative for their commitment. We even went to compliment the chefs after finishing our dinner. Kitchen is hygienic, chefs are very hard working and humble.

Indian Foodies Hub has a wide spread multi-cuisine menu, they have options from Continental, Chinese, South Indian and North Indian. Generally, if we try to expand our hands in more directions it affects the quality, but I was really surprised, we ordered at least one thing from every cuisine and weren’t disappointed by anything. Other than this the prices are also quite reasonable.


Cream of Broccoli: Creamy soups are kinda sweet in taste and thick in texture, so it was sweet and thick, with small broccoli chunks inside. Tasted great.

Cream of Chicken: This was again sweet, with good amount of chicken chunks. Taste Good.

IFH Special Chicken Soup: This one was quite spicy. Thin texture, lots of chicken chunks floating. Good spicy soup option.


Stuffed Mushrooms: This dish is not easy to impress. Quality and size of mushroom, type and amount of cheese used, these make a huge difference in making this dish, but they surely did a great job.

Veg Momos: These were cooked really well. They did take a long time to make them, but made sure wait was absolutely worth it, they were steamed properly and tasted great.

Pan Fried Momos: Another impressive dish, amazing job at pan frying, perfectly crispy.

Chilly Prawns: This was surely one of my favorite dishes there. Prawns were fresh, which is very crucial to get the dish right, also quite crispy, loved this dish.

Tangdi Kebab: Portion served was pretty good, made properly, would surely recommend.

IFH Special Firangi Sabzi: This is a must try vegetarian main course dish in IFH.This is basically mixed veg with thick gravy made of cheese. Tasted so so good.

Mutton Roganjosh: Another must try main course dish. Beautiful thick gravy, so flavorsome, medium spicy.

Murgh Lababdhar: This was good, but honestly it got lesser credit because  IFH Special Firangi Sabzi and Mutton Roganjosh were both really really good. 😀

Also tried some of the mocktails:

Blue Mermaid: Pretty strong soda flavor. If you prefer strong punch, this is the drink for you. We order it 3 times.

Coconut Fudge: This was kind of sweet and thicker, so, I wouldn’t call it a mocktail, but it did taste pretty good.

Black Current Milkshake: This was actually the first time I got to try black current milkshake, while considering it to be delicacy of Hyderabad. My fellow bloggers said they have had better than that too, but for me it was pretty good.

Hot Coffee: They served handmade coffee, not the machine one. Oh! it was really refreshing. For me a good cup of coffee is the best way end to a dinner, actually not just dinner, any meal :D.

I really hope my review helps you in deciding what to order, hope you have a great dining experience. If you visit Indian Foodies Hub, do let me know how you liked the food.

  • Outside seating
  • Soups
  • IFH special soup
  • Mocktails
  • Coffee
  • Stuffed Mushrooms
  • Malai Murg Tikka
  • Indoor seating
  • Indoor seating
  • Tangdi Kebab
  • Ajwaini Fish Tikka

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