Mustang Terrace Lounge

Mustang Terrace Lounge

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Mustang is located in Hyderabad’s one of the biggest food hubs “Gachibowli”. Surrounded by one of the best restaurants within its own building, starting with our very own Cream Stone and then Diner’s Pavilion. Ambiance is cool, they have maintained a cowboy theme. They also provide a huge projector screen for cricket/ football lovers. Good enough seating area for throwing parties.

I visited Mustang for the first time in 2018, and honestly I was so very disappointed with the food. Out of like about 10 dishes I tried, there were hardly 2-3 dishes that I actually liked. Rest of the dishes were so disappointing, especially the Main Course. I understand that Main Course is not often prioritised in bar restaurants, even so neglecting it is not acceptable. If main course is not up to the mark, then starters need to be spot on.

I was invited to Mustang for a food tasting session recently, in Feb 2020. There is a huge improvement in the taste now. I was honestly not having high expectations, but the food surely managed to surprise me by its quality and taste. Everything was good, other than 1-2 dishes, everything tasted really flavorful. I came back home pretty satisfied and happy. Here’s a list of recommended things:

My favorite dish was hands down Greek Pizza. Thin crust with feta cheese, olives, basil leaves…. mamma mia!! It is not easy to find a good Greek pizza in India unless you are paying a handful so this was definitely a win win. Must Try.

Penne Spicy tomato Vodka cream pasta: Very nicely prepared. Packed with flavors, cheesy and full of veggies.

Malaysian Chicken Satay: Served with peanut sauce on the side is a Must Try dish. I tried this same dish in an authentic Malaysian restaurant Malaka Spice. The dish they served was pretty close to that one. The chicken was fresh, juicy and tender.

Chicken breast with mashed potatoes: Chicken breast filled with thick and creamy sauce, served along with mashed potatoes. This dish is pretty filling. If you are looking for a proper meal, definitely go for it, you won’t be disappointed, even the mashed potatoes were so tasty.

Mutton Ghoulati keema: For me Norfest has aced this dish so much that its hard to find its match. After tasting it I could safely say it was very well prepared. I was happy with the velvety texture of the Ghoulati and the crisp ulta tawa paratha served along with it. But make sure to eat this dish hot so as to get the best out of it.

Chili prawns: Crunchy and tasty, well marinated prawns, good serving portion, though prawns were small. The dish would have elevated to next level if they had used big sized prawns.

Stir fried veggies with black bean sauce chicken: The sauce was good, good amount of veggies and chicken. If you are looking for having a healthy and tasty option this dish can be tried.

In desserts, Gulab Jamun were good but I didn’t like the Gajar Halwa.

Butter Chicken: Must try, tender and juicy chicken pieces, with a decently sweet gravy, flavorful curry.

All the mocktails are really good, their mocktails are surely their speciality. A special mention is to their mocktails summer house, strawberry field forever and pina colada.

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