Truffles Bangalore’s Burger Paradise

AAC Chicken Burger

Truffles Bangalore’s Burger Paradise

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One of the most crowded restaurants of Bangalore. You will always see people waiting in line, be it lunch, dinner, week days , weekends. And this is after they have a pretty huge seating area. Ambiance is clean decent like a regular cafe. Service is good enough, because of the crowd it does get a bit slow. But you don’t realize it chilling out with friends, and when food arrives it’s surely worth the wait.

I have been to Bangalore multiple times now in past 3-4 years, every time I visit, if something is must visit on my list, then its Truffles. Even if I am visiting for the weekend, I make sure to visit or order in from Truffles. So, basically I have tried many things on their menu, pretty much all of them were satisfying, some were mind blowing and honestly few were not up to the mark too.

The specialty of Truffles is surely its All American Cheese Burger (XL). This burger will cost you 300 bucks. I personally have never been able to finish it by myself, its that huge. I celebrated my birthday in truffles this 2020, so we were four people and we ordered one All American Cheese Burger Veg and one Chicken, both XL. By the end of it we were stuffed, so we canceled the plan of ordering more and decided to just get my birthday cake and go home.

Some other must tries are Stuffed Fungi, Alfredo penne pizza, garlic bread with cheese, Spaghetti Pinky Pasta, All American Nachos, Mushroom cheese Pizza, but special mention has to go to Tiramisu and Kahlua Mousse in desserts.

Things I did not like were Chocolate Truffle because I was expecting something different from what they offered in the dish, overall taste wise it was okay. Veg Quesadillas, it was also okay, didn’t feel like I would ever want to order it again.

  • AAC Chicken Burger
  • frerro Rocher Shhake
  • Penne Alfredo Pasta
  • Frerro rocher cake
  • Tiramisu
  • Stuffed Fungi
  • frerro Rocher Shhake
  • Stuffed Fungi
  • Burger
  • AAC Burger
  • Chocolate Truffle
  • Quesadilla
  • All American Cheese Burger
  • Mushroom Pizza
  • Spaghetti Pasta

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