Sante Spa: Healthy and tasty food paradise

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Sante Spa: Healthy and tasty food paradise

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Sante spa is one of the few places which take healthy food to the next level with their great taste. The ambience of the place is so green and calming. Their surrounding and their Spa cuisine screams healthy. They start with serving water into copper glasses, poured from copper jugs.

I have been to Sante Spa 3-4 times till now. Tried a variety of dishes. The quality and quantity of the food is pretty impressive. Yes the food is a bit on the higher price but you do get good quantity for it. In terms of food presentation they get 10/10. Each plate is so colourful and pleasing to eyes. Plus the freshness and nutritional value of food calls out for appreciation.

The main purpose of Sante Spa is to make sure you enjoy that healthy food. So, this place is best to visit for a cheat days to have that guilt free pleasure when you are feeling guilty after indulging upon those Euphoria Brownies or Truffles Burgers or Gelatissimo Gelatos.

Here’s a list of some of the things I love:

Beetroot and spinach hummus

I am a big time hummus lover, so this was the first dish I chose to order. A colourful plate arrived at the table. Absolutely loved the flavors. Hummus had toppings of fried crispy chickpeas, with khakhra on the side. Khakhra flavor complimented hummus really well. Highly recommended dish.

Farm fresh Pizza

Pizza base made by ragi with lots and lots of veggies. The pizza was so colorful, also had a thin layer of cheese. Although portion was pretty big for 2 people, we were full in these two dishes.

Hommus and spiced Mushroom

My favorite. Must try, I was a bit worried that it might be tasteless, but it was great, it had kinda spicy flavor, which was being maintained by cold hummus. Loved it. So far, my favourite dish. Would definitely recommend to mushroom lovers.

Whole wheat Spaghetti, Kale Pesto

Pesto sauce was great, pasta was quite chewy, its texture clearly told it was made of wheat, it had olives and sun dried tomatoes, I like both. Taste was good. They could put some more spices though.


Freshly squeezed orange juice

Sante spa Menu didn’t have orange juice option in fresh juices section. But we asked them if they could provide it. They said that the oranges they used are imported so it will be costlier. But really wanted to have fresh orange juice so we ordered. It was definitely worth it. They didn’t add any sugars, it was quite citrusy flavor.

Dark chocolate milkshake

Well when they bought it to my table, I was a bit disappointed as in other zomato or instagram pictures, the dark chocolate shake, was nothing like the one they served me. And I was pretty exited about getting the one I saw in the pictures. But it tasted good. Although I would still like to taste the one in the pictures. 🙂

Rooibos Cinnamon tea

It didn’t really have any flavor. I didn’t even get the cinnamon aroma. So I asked them if they could put some more cinnamon in it. So they gave a tray with some cinnamon powder. Overall it was okay. Won’t recommend.

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Pav Bhaji

Who doesn’t love pav bhaji. I generally avoid ordering it as it comes with whole lot of oil and butter. So when I got to know Sante spa serves pav bhaji, I planned to visit again. They serve small sized multigrain buns along side with a spinach based bhaji. Spinach is my love, but I often avoid ordering it at restaurants as it needs to be cleaned thoroughly before cooking, and I have trust issues in those terms. Still somehow it felt like I can take the risk in Sante Spa, and I am glad I did. It was really flavorful bhaji.

Mushroom Dimsums

The only dish I have been disappointed with so far. Well the flavors were bang on. It was so so delicious but the quantity was so small, it was finished in no time. I was kinda bumped about it, felt like didn’t even take the full feel of the dish and it was over.

Black and white Hummus with Khakhra

This is another one of their hummus dish I was waiting to try. Quantity of Hummus was good. I could see a slight taste difference between the normal and charcoal Hummus, but it wasn’t much. Hummus lovers will absolutely like it.

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