The Himalayan Cafe – Best momos in Hyderabad

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The Himalayan Cafe – Best momos in Hyderabad

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Being from North India and spending 2 years in Delhi before coming to live in Hyderabad, the sadness of not getting cheap and tasty momos in every nook and corner is unexplainable. I did give many expensive momo platters a try too. Wok Republic, Shanghai Chef, Urban Asia. Sadly none was satisfying enough, other than Indian Foodies Hub (but it was like 30 kms from my place). After craving for good momos for about 2 years, in 2017 I finally got to know about THC – The Himalayan Cafe.

Even after 2 years I was in no mood to give up to find that perfect plate of momos. I was ready to give chance to the places my foodie friends recommended. So, I finally decided to order online from the Himalayan Cafe too. AND finally I got what I needed. Oh!! the momos and the taste of those three variety of chutneys they have to offer, every bite was heavenly. Now it surely isn’t cheap plate of momos, its about 180 bucks for 6 pieces, but YES it felt worth it.

The outer layer of momos is really thin, momos are steamed beautifully. Star is definitely their flavorful fillings. Their thupkas are to die for. I also order street style hakka noodles once, it was very spicy for my taste, but overall packed with flavor. I ordered from here in like every 2-3 months. In 2019 I finally the day came when we went to dine in the Himalayan Cafe. The seating area is quite small and simple. you sit on a thin matress on the ground and food is served on a table, kind of like korean seating.

Although trust me everything you order is good, but still some of my all time favorites are Spicy Veg Momos, Veg Pan Fried, Himalyan Cafe Special Steamed, Chicken Steam, Chicken Siu Mai (suggest to try this one while dining in), Mushroom Steamed and Veg Fried Momos, Chicken Thupka, Crispy Chili potato.

  • Mushroom Momos
  • THC Special
  • Chili Potato
  • Mushroom Momos
  • Veg Fried
  • THC Special Chicken
  • Pan Fried

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