GD’s and their heavenly burgers

GD’s and their heavenly burgers

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Finding a perfect, juicy quality burger which is also good on pocket is surely a task. GD’s is a combination of good quality, juicy burgers and budget food, made with so much love, patience and dedication. GD’s is a small shop sized restaurant. They have set up the grill right in front of the shop. You can see the whole process of your burger making right in front of you.

The first time I went to GD’s after my friend praising their full sized grilled chicken. The stall had just opened, so they started setting up and heating the grill. So, we ordered two burgers the Anti Matter Paneer Burger and the Neptune burger. We got our order in about 40 minutes. It took quite a lot of waiting, we asked them 2-3 times how long will it take, but I noticed that the guy grilling the chicken was really calm. His complete concentration was on getting the chicken right. No matter how much we pestered him, he didn’t hurry to finish the burger, I really loved that attitude and realised why people love their food so much. They had just started the grill so the time taken was quite understandable.

Neptune Burger

Their menu has elaborate details of all the dishes. Well I saw this chicken burger which also has chocolate added. Well I know it sounds weird and most people would never order this, but judge me all you want  ? I am a big big chocolate lover, I had to give it a try. And trust me surprisingly it was really good  ?. Chicken was sobeautifully cooked, so juicy and trust me chocolate and chicken flavors complemented each other. I won’t say if I’ll try it again, but it was definitely worth trying once.

Aurora Burger

If you have seen my other posts, you must have known my love for mushrooms, and if the menu has mushroom options, one of them is gonna be on my table. And so it did here, though I gotta say thr cheese flavor was kind of overpowering the soggy mushrooms layer. I think a mushroom filled patty may have been a better option to get that good mushroom flavor.

Some of the other things I tried:

Chicken Wings

If you love chicken wings, just order them in GD’s without giving it further thought. Oh so good. The charred grill flavor is perfect, yummy marination. With that cheesy sauce, loved it.

Mercury Burger

BBQ chicken burger, another must try on your list. Beautifully cooked and grilled and so juicy chicken patty. Filling and satisfying burger, my mouth is just watering writing about it, now that’s the sign of a good burger ??.

Anti Matter Burger

For vegetarians or in general paneer lovers, this is a must try. It’s basically a huge piece of marinated and perfectly grilled paneer inside the burger. Honestly if you compare it with KFC’s now unavailable Paneer Zinger (with fried paneer patty), I would give it a 6/10, but it still tastes good, definitely worth a try.

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