Link Cafe & Bar – Sheraton

Link Cafe & Bar – Sheraton

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So many many beautiful and amazing memories of this place. Sheraton is a very famous chain of 5 star hotels like Taj Vivanta and ITC Kohenur. Their branch in Gachibowli area of Hyderabad has been one of our favorite spots to hang out. They have 3-4 restaurants inside, serving different variety of cuisines. Link cafe is a 24×7 open dine-in in their ground floor lobby. Huge seating area,surrounded by mesmerizing artistic wall paintings on the walls. Link is really worth visiting once just to have a look at these paintings.

Link cafe doesn’t have a lot of options on its menu. There are 4-5 options in each category appetisers, sandwiches, Indian and Italian variety. They also serve interesting alcoholic coffee options, which are actually their speciality. So if you are a coffee lover, do give them a try. Now all these things make this restaurant one of the best. Even though there are limited number of options in the menu, I have tried like 8-10 items till date and never been disappointed. In fact everything has left a lasting impression.

The thing that makes this place even more special is their open terrace on the 11th floor. After having our feast at the Link cafe, we go to the terrace, there are some simple seating arrangements, with ashtrays provided on each table. The cool breeze and the view from the top, makes you just want to stay a little longer every minute. Oh it’s just an inexpressive feeling, every time I go there, it’s so hard to return, I just wish for time to stop there. It’s magical.

Phewww!!! okay coming back to the food items that I have tried so far:

Mumbai Masala Toastie

Mumbai Masala Toastie: When it arrived to the table, honestly it didn’t look very promising but when I took a bite it was way better than expected. Not sure if it was the quality of cheese or veggies that made it great or the quality of the material used to make it. but I loved every bit of it.

Kothu paratha
Veg Kothu Paratha

Veg Kothu Paratha: It was the first time I tried Kothu paratha. So I didn’t know what to expect. I surely wasn’t expecting what came on the table. After trying it I was so glad that I chose to order it. Got to try something new and so good. Perfect amount of spices into the curry, loved the flavors. Quantity served by link cafe surely does justice to the cost.

Chicken Biryani

Chicken Biryani: Finally I got a non – vegetarian friend’s company and tried this and chicken kothu paratha. I had been wanting to try it from so long. Firstly the quantity was so much. Secondly, it wasn’t too spicy, it was packed with different flavors. Huge, tender and flavorful chicken pieces. Simply delicious.

Chicken Kothu Paratha
Chicken Kothu Paratha

Chicken Kothu Paratha: Wasn’t much surprised with the taste after trying the veg version. I was expecting it to be good and it delivered that just fine. Though, it was a mistake ordering Chicken Kothu Paratha and Chicken Biryani together for two people. As both the dishes were in huge quantities and quite heavy. I requested them to pack the remaining paratha and had it later for dinner.

  • Chicken Biryani
  • Complementary Snacks
  • Coffee
  • Classic cappuccino
  • Alcoholic Coffee Beverage
  • Alcoholic Coffee

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