Zero40 Brewery

Zero40 Brewery

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Zero40 is quite a fun trip down the memory lane. We had to meet some friends, so we decided to meet over a couple of drinks. I am quite fond of craft beer and thus begun the hunt for a good breweries in Hyderabad. Came across Zero40 while exploring breweries on Zomato. Although we just had the plan of meeting friends and have a couple of drinks but what transpired was completely unexpected.

We arrived quite early, like about 7 and there was plenty of space to choose where to sit. This place serves the best freshly brewed craft beers in Hyderabad, plus their food is also amazing. Talking about Zero40 ambiance, its a classic brewery, huge brewing cylinders, bar seating and regular ones. It actually reminded me of TOIT in Bangalore. Our friends arrived and we started off with chakna – peanut masala, mushroom bruschetta and garlic fries along with their recommended brews. The music was playing at a high volume giving full bar feels. It is also important to mention that they have Zomato Gold on drinks and we visited at the time when there was no boundation on the number of zomato golds applicable according to number of people dining, I think you know where it is going? ?

We started chatting, reliving our memories and did not realize when the time passed by, a couple of drinks had turned into how many, we didn’t even realize. We ordered Jager Bomb, kamikaze shots, white wine etc and mushroom truffle oil pizza. At the end of the night, all of us were quite wasted and didn’t realize the bill we were mounting up. However, we thoroughly enjoyed every moment there and it became one of the most cherished memories I have. Coming to the food review:

Peanuts masala: Good quantity. Evenly coated, proper masaledar, do order it as chakna.

Mushroom bruschetta: Recommended to Mushroom lovers. Filled with mozzarella cheese, olives and lots of tender mushrooms.

Mushroom truffle oil pizza: This one is a must try. Good amount of Mushroom toppings, thin crust, not too cheesy and quite flavorful.

Smoked garlic fries:This one was disappointing. Portion was OK but we were expecting actual shredded garlic on the fries. Instead they had put some garlic powder, which didn’t even have a taste of garlic. Won’t recommend ordering this.

If you want good garlic fries, I had one of the best in The Gallery Cafe.

All handcrafted beers were hands down great. Quantity was really good, those were like huge GOT kinda tumblers, they also provide a trial platter of different varieties too.

PS: If you are wondering what the bill was, it was 26k for 3 people, but thanks to zomato gold (we used 8 of them ?), we ended up paying 8k. ?

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