TOIT Microbrewery

TOIT Microbrewery

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It wouldn’t be an exaggeration if I call Bengaluru a city of microbreweries. There are literally so many of them. Although all breweries have something unique to offer, I do not think that they come any close to TOIT in terms of popularity. At TOIT, there is one thing you can find for sure, and that’s a waiting queue. No matter what day or what time you visit, it is almost impossible to get into without waiting for a few minutes. On weekends, the waiting time shoots up to even an hour.

Crowd waiting outside on a saturday night

When I visited my friends to Bangalore for the first time, they had already added Toit to our 3 day itinerary, other than Truffles and The hole in the wall. There is something unique about this place which cannot be put into words. It is always so lively and wonderful to visit coupled with the amazing food and brews, the combination is hard to beat. Visited Toit numerous times now, its the first place that comes in mind whenever I want to catch-up with old friends.

I have been here so many times that it is impossible to narrate the visits in one blog post but being true to myself, this is one of the places I miss most during Covid times. And it’s not just about the beer or food, it’s about that aura. The ambience is nice, they have a huge and variety of seating area which is usually all occupied. There is a separate smoking area as well which I really appreciate in pubs and breweries for a non smoker like me. We have had a lot of dishes in here and have tried almost all variety of brews.

Here goes the food and drinks review:

Tin-Tin beer: One of our all time favourite. Give it a try, you would love it.
Dark Knight: It’s surely for Caffeine lovers. So I absolutely loved it.
Weiss: Its a wheat beer with some fruity flavor to it, taste gets close to a fruit beer, its okay.

Tartufo Pizza: I am very choosy when it comes to Pizza. Thin crust is my first preference, another thing I look for is that cheese amount is apt enough to not overpower the taste of toppings on it, so after evaluating based on it, I was pretty happy with the pizza, thin crust and a perfect taste of garlic.

Paprika Pizza: Thin crust pizza. It looked so beautiful and tastes even more beautiful. Oh wished it could be a never ending pizza. Totally in love with their pizzas.

Toit baked Nachos: Not my favourite thing on the table. The nachos were not crunchy enough, they were quite on the soggy side and the cheese lacked flavor. It was kind of bland.

Beer Sample Tray: Went there again because I really wanted to try there sample tray of 6 types of beers and it was definitely worth trying. 😀

Another time we visited was kind of sudden on the walk plan. We were visiting our dentist. While returning we started booking the cab and its not a news that there were no cabs available. The ones available were being cancelled by drivers. So we decided to go to the main road to fetch some auto. Reaching the main road we realised we were on toit road. We were kind of hungry already so decided to have a quick snack and chilled beer.

This time we tried:

Dip-it-Ah : A classic hummus and pita bread platter. Hummus was fresh and pita bread hot was baked properly.
Cajun Potato Wedges: Absolutely loved them. Spiced wedges were very crunchy from outside and soft from inside. The sauce served along complimented them perfectly. You can order them as a side snack with beer.

PS: Pardon me for bad clicks, most of these are old pictures and I didn’t have a good camera phone back then.

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