Hanoi – Vietnamese Cuisine

Hanoi – Vietnamese Cuisine

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You know when people say that the best plans are impromptu. That is just exactly what happened in this case and we accidentally ended up stepping into Hanoi, this gem of a restaurant. It was a bit late into the night, somewhere around 11:15 pm and hence most of the restaurants got closed by the time. We had a car to ourselves and were randomly moving around in blocks of Koramangala (when there is less traffic  ?).

We were really hungry and were looking for an open restaurant. Now, you won’t have many choices at this time in Koramangala and we kind of wanted to go some place a bit fancy. We initially thought of going to some restaurant inside a hotel as they are usually open till late, but we decided to have a quick sweep through Zomato and see if we are in luck to find a place nearby.Being in luck, first thing I looked for was Truffles and Third Wave Coffee Roasters but they were closed. Then we came across Hanoi which serves Vietnamese cuisine, it was open till 12:00 AM.

We are big fans of Thai curries and rice which have a bit of coconut flavor to it. Since the rating seemed decent and it was very close, we decided to give it a shot. It was a nicely built place. Loved the seating arrangements, soothing ambience and very clean. Hanoi also has hot pot options in their menu. So, they have a hot pot burner on the tables. The staff was very courteous and friendly.

Here goes the food review:

We tried their restaurant recommendations, Veg Vietnamese curry with coconut rice.
First thing first, the coconut aroma from the curry was just killing it. Then the coconut rice, mentioned as cơm dừa bến tre in the menu, had such beautiful coconut flavor.
The Vietnamese curry also mentioned with the name cà ri ấn độ. Filled with lots of veggies and made with flavorful curry powder and coconut milk. It was complementing the rice perfectly. Would highly recommend.

Being a coffee lover, I always choose a cup of coffee over any other beverages while dining, be it extreme summer time  ?.
In Hanoi’s Menu I came across cà phê sữa, A Vietnamese Filter Coffee. It was basically a no brainer to order it. It was 100% arabica black coffee dripping slowly from the filter paper, served with condensed milk at the bottom. Absolutely loved the coffee, deadly caffine aroma, beautiful filter coffee flavor. Must try for the coffee lovers.
They actually provide a lot of other amazing options in dripping coffee. So do check them out.

Filter Coffee

Their Hanoi special mocktail was some strong flavor which seemed like it required an acquired taste. Didn’t like that much. Price is reasonable for quality and quantity. Plus they provide zomato gold benefit. We were so full by the end we had to get some of the rice and curry packed.

Would love to visit Hanoi again. Really looking forward to have my first experience with Hot pot.

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