Chili’s – Worth loosening that pocket?

Chili’s – Worth loosening that pocket?

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Chili’s is quite a popular American Casual Dining chain of restaurants. I wanted to visit it once but was not very eager about it because firstly, it is a bit costly and secondly, I am not a very big fan of burgers. My most preferred place to have burgers is definitely GDs in Hyderabad and Truffles in Bengaluru. This is the reason that in spite of being a regular visitor to Inorbit Mall, Chili’s would always be overlooked, especially when we there was always a great option of Beer House.

I did have a side eye for it though. I finally got to visit Chili’s as a treat from a friend ? and we visited their Banjara Hills outlet. We made a reservation via dineout.

The ambience was pretty good. They have a large place and a good amount of sitting area. We had a seat and started chatting and deciding for the order. We ordered cheese pops, onion rings, southwestern rolls and Texas Cheese fries for a light snack. Things seemed to be going well. We decided to order for burgers. Chili’s is known for its burgers, so I was pretty excited, but this is when things started to take a turn.

We ordered two burgers and we weren’t aware that the burgers were provided with a bottomless coke. Moreover, the serving person did not bother to tell us the same. We realised it when we saw it on the menu while we were planning for another burger. Next we ordered another burger. This time we asked for coke along with the burger but they were out of coke and all had only Fanta available instead. That too wasn’t served along with the burger (even though I specified at time of ordering). We had to ask explicitly for it again.

Food Review

Cheese pops: These were very good. One of the bests cheee pops I have had. Bite sized balls, with cheese oozing out beautifully. Will definitely recommend.
Onion rings: These were okay but were too fried, hence got kind of charred instead of giving a good crunch.
Southwestern rolls: These were really good, flavourful.
Texas Cheese Fries: These were very good, served on a hot plate. With ranch sauce on the side. Will definitely recommend it.
Bombay Burger Veg: Burger was good. Not very big in size but the patty was rich and quite filling.
Southern Smokehouse Burger-Veg: Okayish. Bigger in size than a Bombay Burger. Would recommend Bombay burger over this. 
Whiskey Lemonade: Different drink but very diluted. Very less amount of alcohol.

The primary disappointment from the place was its lack of service. I do not demand a very sophisticated service but that was outright rude. Overall service was slow, even though the place was almost devoid of guests. We wanted to order Jim Beam Bourbon whiskey, bandut it was out of stock at that time. Out of the very large whiskey menu, only blue label and black label were available. Then followed the fiasco with coke alongside burger.

Things took an ugly turn when we were kept waiting for more than half an hour for the bill. The guy serving us was busy talking to some other guest and even after repeated calls, he did not respond. After that they made a mess in the bill. We said that we would pay by card, but the guy was insisting on paying cash. When they brought the bill , the mode of payment listed in it was cash and the guy kept on asking us to pay some amount in cash.

Overall I did not expect this behaviour from Chili’s, I definitely had higher expectations than these. They were out of most of the drink options and had a pathetic service. I don’t think I would like to ever visit this place again.

PS: I received a call from Chili’s manager after my review on Zomato. He apologised for the bad experience and asked to give him a call whenever I visit again. Not being a burger fan and looking at the pathetic service, I didn’t follow up as of today, would update if I visit the place again.

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