Norfest – The Dhaba

Norfest – The Dhaba

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Norfest is a gem of a place in SLN Terminus mall’s food court. If you are looking for those thick North Indian Punjabi curries and butter naans, Norfest is the answer to your quest. Norfest is a combination of great and in budget food.

Before we found this gem, we used to go to Punjabi affairs for such food. Punjabi Affairs is still one of my favourite places for good North Indian food. But I do prefer Norfest a little bit more over it, because I noticed that the amount of cream is way lesser in Norfest curries as compared to Punjabi Affairs. And it in fact makes its taste better, plus you don’t feel like bursting after the meal.

When I was on a Hyderabad food exploration tour with Dustin, I had to take him to Norfest. I chose to order punjabi non veg thali, so that he can taste more variety, and he absolutely loved the food. His favourite was definitely Galouti Kebabs, and so are mine. Make sure to check out his review in detail here.

Here are the things I have tried so far:

Mutton Galouti Kebabs : If you visit Norfest, you have to order this dish. And trust me you will thank me ?. The kebab is oh so so tender and so full of flavours. The ulta tawa paratha served along with it takes the dish to whole another level. OMG heavenly. I have ordered this dish so many times, and I don’t think I’ll ever get bored of them.

Veg Galouti Kebabs: After listening to me praising for Mutton Galouti Kebabs, my vegetarian friend decided to order these. Sadly the experience was disappointing. We didn’t like its taste at all. The flavour was just not right, it was kind of weird and unpleasant. No where even close to the mutton version of it.

Paneer butter masala: This is our go to order, the countless time we have visited. The amount of cream and butter in the gravy is just right. Quantity of Paneer is always satisfactory. And the flavor profile is unbeatable. Classic and mouthwatering.

Dal Makhani: So, the problem is sadly I am allergic to Rajma, so I don’t order dal makhani anywhere either. But once we went as a group of friends we ordered it. This is another highly recommended dish to order in Norfest. I did give it a taste and of all the times I have tried Dal Makhani I can safely say this has been my best experience. Its so rich and perfectly creamy, very very well cooked dal.

Paneer makhani: Another one of our generally go to dish (recently more than Paneer butter masala). Its gravy is mildly spicy, unlike paneer butter masala (kind of on the sweeter side). So after trying this the first time, this is almost always what we order.

Mutter Mushrooms: If you have been following my blogs, you know I am a big big mushroom lover. Norfest added some new dishes to its menu recently. We had to give the mushroom gravy a try. But it was decent, I have tried way better mushroom curries at other restaurants. Delhi 39 and Punjabi Affairs are most recommended from my side. It wasn’t very flavourful, Mutters were under cooked. Mushrooms were fresh, but the flavours of gravy weren’t sitting with the mushrooms.

There roti’s are good and properly cooked, never had a complain. Our general go to options are Lachha paratha, Pudhina lachha paratha and Garlic Naan.

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