Raja Vindu – Great Biryani

Raja Vindu – Great Biryani

Raja Vindu is a newly opened restaurant in SLN terminus mall, in place of Absolute sizzlers. I actually loved Absolute Sizzlers food, in fact, I had dinner on my birthday here. So, I was kind of surprised that it was closed. But the same management opened Raja Vindu here. So, I already had an expectation of good food from them. And I was really happy and completely satisfied at the end.

The ambiance of Raja Vindu is almost the same, beautiful interior decoration, soothing and open space. I was invited here for a bloggers table by Praveen Kumar. We were about 8 people, so we tried a huge variety of dishes.

Coming to the food review

Veg starters:

Shanghai Rolls: I liked that for reasonable prices, they served a very good quantity. These were basically small vegetable rolls, served with hot and sweet sauce. Good.

Spring Rolls: My fav, they were cooked to perfection, crunchy from the outside and good amount of veggies inside. A good vegetarian option WOULD RECOMMEND.

Pandu Mirchi Sticks: By the name of it, I was a bit scared of how spicy would it be, but I was happy with the amount of spice. It was neither too much nor too little.

Non-Veg Starters:

Golconda Kodi: MUST TRY. An impressive way of serving. The chicken was cooked nicely.

Bhemavarapu Kodi: My fav in nonveg starters, I loved the combination of spices they had put, Great taste. If you ever visit Raja Vindu, make sure to order this dish, WOULD SURELY RECOMMEND.

Chepela Vepudu: Not my favorite, It was basically fried and I found it kinda dry.

Main Course:

Lachha paratha with chicken curry: Chicken curry was really good, but the lachha paratha was made with pure maida, it was good, but I prefer the one made with wheat or at least mix flour.

Ulava Charu Veg pulao: Loved the spice combination in the brinjal curry, just wow, I have to say the chef had a really good knowledge of spices. Generally, it’s easy to make mistakes in the proportions of spices, which ends up in food very spicy or lacking taste.

Pachi Mirchi Kodi pulao: Tender chicken pieces and the curry flavor was so good. This was the first time I tried this dish. I recommended it to some of my friends and they also loved it.


** FAV PART **
Hands down amazing desserts, To be honest, I am not a big fan of Indian sweets, I am more of a chocolate lover gal, but I just couldn’t stop after having just one spoon, even after I was so full.

Must-try desserts: Malai Phirni, Apricot delight (my fav of all), Gulab Jamun, and Gajar ka halwa.

In Mocktails I would suggest to must try: Pina colada and fruit punch.

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