Conçu – A Dessert Heaven

Conçu – A Dessert Heaven

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Conçu is one of the most popular places in Hyderabad to offer the best desserts. It’s basically the french patisserie of Hyderabad. The place is kind of hard to find and also closes pretty early, basing on the fact that, I actually drove to go here twice and I was moving around here and there in Jubillee hills, and I couldn’t find it. It was the day when I went to Chit Chat Chai, when on the way I saw the Conçu board, so decided to go here instead.

Conçu is like a bungalow turned into a restaurant. The ambiance is just so romantic and beautiful with picture-perfect seating and decor. They offer a huge collection of desserts. I just couldn’t stop staring at the presented desserts the croissants, creme brulee, shoe pastries, Tiramisu, opera, eclairs, different flavors of macrons, and a lot more. They do have savory fast food to offer along to. Because ours was an unintentional visit, we just tried a couple of desserts.

Here’s the things we tried:

Tiramisu: I am a hardcore coffee lover, which is the reason, I love Tiramisu so much. I have had tiramisu in a lot of different places, this one had quite a different taste compared to others. They have a small rum infuser added to their tiramisu cup. It surely added a quirky kick to the tiramisu. The overall taste was absolutely bomb. Would surely recommend it for the tiramisu lovers.

Classic Opera: The macron on the top of it was kinda tasteless, but opera pasty in itself was absolutely amazing. It was topped with caramel-coated peanut crumbles. They totally nailed the taste of opera.

Chocolate Eclair: This was actually the first time I tried this dessert. So, I can’t really compare, it had chocolate filling on the inside. As soon as I took a bit the chocolate beautifully oozed out. The eclair tasted pretty good. Wouldn’t mind trying again.

Hot chocolate with Marshmallows:  This was hands down my favorite. Marshmallows went great with hot chocolate, and hot chocolate has a perfect consistency, it tasted so amazing. Definitely gonna order this one again. They served it with a small piece of walnut brownie on the side too, which tasted yummy too.

Special mention to the serving and presentation style. It surely stands out and very impressive. I have always appreciated the extra effort people put on dish presentations. It just feels like the reflection of the love by which they are serving the food. Can’t wait to go back and try more desserts.

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