Little Italy – Authentic Italian for Vegetarians

Little Italy – Authentic Italian for Vegetarians

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I have heard different opinions from many of my friends about Little Italy. Especially the hardcore non-vegetarians don’t want to go back here ever. But I for one love love love this place. I would surely recommend the buffet over ala carte if you have budget constraints. Although the quality of food served in the ala carte is definitely better compared to the buffet, but the prices are quite high.

So, I wanted to check Little Italy off my list for a really long time. One day I felt pretty determined, that today is the day I check it off. I asked a couple of my friends if they wanted to tag along, but everyone seemed busy. Yup! I went alone.

As I was alone I decided to go for an ala carte. I literally ordered 2 starters and one dessert and my bill came out to be 1100 bucks. The buffet cost that night was 750 bucks. The food was surely really good, but the worst part, after eating all those, I was still hungry. There was no way I was going to order something else, so I just went back to the hostel and had some Maggi. The next time I went to their ala carte was for our friend’s birthday treat.

In Ala carte I ordered:

Cheese balls: Very different from the ones they provide in the buffet. These were a lot cheesier. Although for that price, I felt that the quantity was low.

Mushrooms starter: This was delicious. Yes very pricey, so I don’t think I’ll be ordering it again, but the mushrooms very sauteed so beautifully, I think it was sauteed with chives or whatever it was it gave such a great flavor, these tasted really good.

Tiramisu: Tiramisu was good, but I was looking for tiramisu with coffee flavor overpowering the taste of cream. This dish didn’t deliver that at all, the coffee flavor was mild to low. It was mostly like eating cream, so I wasn’t that happy with it.

For the birthday treat, we tried some of their pizzas and pasta, both were really good. Thin crust authentic Italian pizza with olive oil dressing. The pasta was perfectly rich and creamy with loads of veggies and good quality cheese. As it was a celebration, I didn’t take any food pictures that day. Pizzas and pasta are comparable to Olive Bistro Italian.

I have been to Little Italy buffet many times now, out of which two were proper group celebrations with about 12-15 people.

Soup and starters:

We started off soups their creamy mushroom soup, which is one of my favorite. Actually it wasn’t in buffet soup options, I requested them if they could make one for me. And they provided. It was so rich and creamy, mamma mia.

Another thing I love in the buffet menu is their pita bread and hummus. Little Italy is actually the place that introduced me to hummus, I have been in unstoppable love with it since then.

They have nachos with a huge variety of toppings. you can make them yourself also as you like, or you can request to make it for you too.

Starters also included are cheese balls, bruschetta, onion rings, and mini tacos. All these were good, especially the cheese balls and mini tacos. They provide unlimited mocktails too and offer two options in mocktails.

Main Course:

There’s a live pasta counter. The pasta is absolutely amazing. Made in olive oil and with so many different veggies options. They take pizza orders from the table. There are a variety of options in crust and toppings. the pizzas tasted really good, beautiful thin crust and a generous amount of toppings. They also provide Lasagna in their main course too. It’s a decent cheesy lasagna, not the best but worth ordering once.


They have choco lava in buffet dessert. I mean come on, they one me on this one itself ?. And plenty of other really tasty desserts like cheesecake, chocolate balls, chocolate mousse, all desserts are amazing.

PS: We celebrated the all-girls BTech farewell of our batch here. We asked them to make provide a cake for our celebration. And they provided a small cake as a part of the buffet. Although we were completely full, the cake was so good, we finished that too.

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