Must try North Indian Food Restaurants in Hyderabad

Must try North Indian Food Restaurants in Hyderabad

Wellbeing a Punjabi, and when I moved to Hyderabad, I surely missed North Indian food. Kadai Paneer, Butter chicken, Chole Bhature, Aloo Paratha, etc. etc. etc. So with those cravings, I started exploring Hyderabad.

1. Punjabi Affair

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This is the first Punjabi restaurant I was recommended by my college friends. Punjabi Affair is always jam-packed with people, it’s so hard to get a table without waiting for at least a few minutes. But the food is sure as hell worth the wait. The curries are so thick, rich, and creamy. So flavorful with tandoori rotis and the best part of all, the thick Punjabi Lassi, is surely the shine of the place. It’s so thick that it’s hard to finish one glass by yourself, so we generally order one by two. But if you visit the restaurant, you have to try the lassi. It just makes delicious food a lot better.

The ambiance of the places screams Punjabi, there are so many fun food-related banners. Some of their seating areas are actually in the form of Cots, to give full dhaba feels. Ambiance surely adds up to an even better dining experience. Plus the place is very pocket friendly. Two people can have a filling meal in 400-450 bucks.

Although I haven’t been disappointed with anything I have ordered here so far, here are some of my ultimate favorites – Aloo cheese paratha, Mushroom Butter Masala, Paneer Makhni, Malai kofta (sweet), missi roti, stuffed kulcha, masala papad, and last but not the least Patiyala Lassi.

2. Norfest

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After dining for countless times in Punjabi affair, we heard about Norfest serving a pretty good Punjabi food. So, one day we decided to give it a try. And since then it became our regular place to hang out. One is much closer to our place. Another more significant reason that their gravies are not as thick and creamy as Punjabi Affair and taste almost the same. Punjabi affair feels like a proper cheat meal. But Norfest we could just go and grab lunch without feeling very guilty.
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3. 13 Dhaba

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So, if you are craving for parathas or chole bhature or Rajma Chawal or Kadi Chawal. 13 Dhaba is your place. Their Aloo, paneer, and Gobi Parathas are pure love, I feel so nostalgic eating those. The only thing I wish though is if they would serve it with homemade butter (Makhan). Then it would be like eating at my home. Anyway, the parathas are still bomb. The size of parathas is huge and they are oozing with stuffing. I mean after finishing one whole paratha, I can’t think about eating anything for another 3-4 hours. Another one of must-tries is their chole bhature. The chole flavor is a combination of different masalas, somewhat tangy and spicy and sweet at the same time, served with piping hot bhature is just amazing.

Their Rajma chawal and Kadi Chawal are also really good. And one thing which is very important for me to mention is, they have something called “Shadi wale Aloo Gobhi” and the name is no kidding. So, in north Indian weddings, one of my favorite items of the main course is mixed veg, and among all those mixed vegetables Aloo and gobi are two top favorites. They somehow manage to bring that same wedding dish flavor into this Aloo Gobi Sabzi. I swear you will feel acidic(not kidding  ?) for hours after eating this dish, but oh it’s so worth it.

4. Delhi 39

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If you are looking for in budget homemade kind of food, Delhi 39 is the best place to be. This restaurant was like a second home to me and my college friends. Whenever we felt like, we are not in the mood for mess food today, we knew we had to go to Delhi 39. Simple hot thin rotis with great flavorful curries. The ambiance is very simple, nothing fancy.

The restaurant is pure veg. They serve the food with unlimited vinegar onions and mint chutney. Some of my favorite food items are masala papad, classic dal tadka, mushroom do pyaza, paneer do pyaza, shahi paneer, Tawa mushroom, handi Paneer, and chana masala paired with lachha paratha, garlic naan, stuffed kulchas. Do try their onion and gobi parathas too. The prices are very reasonable. We have had a filling meal in just 250-300 bucks for two people many times.

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