Best of Pure Veg Restaurants in Hyderabad

Best of Pure Veg Restaurants in Hyderabad

1. Chutneys

The second face of Hyderabad after Hyderabadi Biryani. Serving authentic pure vegetarian South Indian food options. From countless varieties of dosas to uttapams to Medu Vada to Podi Idli to Dahi Vada etc. while also providing a good variety of North Indian food too. The North Indian food is decent, neither bad nor over the top. Coming to South Indian items, everything is made to perfection.

The name Chutneys has a good reason for it, as they serve unlimited 6 different kinds of chutneys with the food. Coconut peanut chutney, Putnal (lentils) chutney the star of the platter, pure coconut sweet chutney, spicy ginger chutney, sweet ginger chutney, and the last, but not the least tomato and corn chutney.

My all-time favorites are crispy freshly made Medu Vadas. The soft ghee and fluffy Ghee Podi Idli, Mushroom Dosa, Garlic Dosa, Onion Masala Rava Dosa and Mango Uttapam. Dosas are pretty heavy, filled with those delicious fillings.

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2. Little Italy

If you are looking for a good vegetarian Italian feast, Little Italy is the place to go. The place is surely heavy on the pocket but they serve authentic Italian food and their Sunday lunch Buffet is a must-visit.
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3. Sardarji’s

Craving for some North Indian Chats. Aloo Tikki, Raj Kachori, Dahi puri, Pav Bhaji, Chole Bhature, Dahi Samosa, Chole Kachori, etc. etc. They also serve really good meals. Delicious North Indian curries and heavy paratha breakfasts. Another plus point the prices are very reasonable. So great food plus in the budget and a lot of different options on the menu makes my go-to spot almost every weekend.

It’s a small joint though. They provide seating for about 8-10 people and standing tables with a capacity of about 10-15. It’s hard to find a place to sit or stand if you decide to go eat at the restaurant. So, I generally order in from here. As do most people As the counter has long lines of Swiggy and Zomato delivery guys than customers.

Everything I have tried so far has been delicious. Here are some of my all-time favorites: Dahi Samosa, Chole Bhature, Dal Makhani Kulche, Aloo Parathas, Dahi Aloo Tikki. I have been in love with this place for years. Do give this place a try and let me know how you liked the food.

4. Udipi Upahar

Where Chutneys is more of a fancy A.C. restaurant to have authentic South Indian food, Udipi Upahar is a small open joint for the same. Best to go for grabbing a delicious piping hot breakfast. Early morning Mysore Bonda or Medu Vada or Idli’s with that refreshing Filter coffee make a perfect start for the day.
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  • Rava Dosa
  • Utappam
  • Poori bhaji

Looking for a good vegetarian cafe to hangout with your friends or go on a fun date. Great food options with delightful ambiance make it a great place to hang out at.
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  • ChocoLava with Chocolate Icecream
  • Penne Arabiata
  • Art
  • Art

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