Chutneys – Hyderabad for Vegetarians

Chutneys – Hyderabad for Vegetarians

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We know Hyderabad is famous for its delicious Biryanis. But the second face of Hyderabad is its finger-licking breakfast. From Idlis to Vadas to a variety of Dosas. And if you talk about pure vegetarian South Indian food, Chutneys is the place to be. There are many branches of Chutneys all over Hyderabad.

The owner had a good reason to give the restaurant name “Chutneys”, as the signature of the restaurant is their 6 different varieties of chutneys, which they serve unlimited with the food. Coconut peanut chutney, Putnal (lentils) chutney the star of the platter, pure coconut sweet chutney, spicy ginger chutney, sweet ginger chutney, and last, but not the least tomato and corn chutney.

It’s a must-visit place especially for breakfast to have those Ghee Podi Idlis, piping hot Vadas, or Poori with veg korma. They serve many different varieties of dosas. The dosas are absolutely packed with filling.

They do have thali and North Indian food options too. The curries are decently good, medium-thick gravy, and decent Naans and Kulchas. All in all, Chutneys is a good option to have good food at reasonable prices.

Food Review:

Best of South Indian:

Idli – Sambar: OR in Maya Sarabhai words: A south Indian steamed rice cake served with a spiced lentils soup ?. The authentic South Indian sambar has a hint of sweetness to it. So every time I visit Chutneys I request them if they can serve a sambar which has no sugar added to it. And they always provide one. Generally, the guy taking the order asks if you want Idli’s dunk in Sambar or you want them both separately. So, you can ask them as you like them. I personally always prefer my idli’s floating in sambar, I feel like it makes every bite of it completely packed with that sambar flavor. Without missing even a single portion white.

Dahi vada: Came in a huge bowl. Quantity is really good. Topped with lots of boondi. As much as I can recall it contains three small to medium amounts of vadas. I found the taste just okay. Honestly, the amount of boondi got a bit too much. It kind of overpowered the taste of those vadas.

Vada: This is my all-time favorite dish to order. Chutneys serve the Vadas during certain fixed times of the day, as the Vadas taste the best when eaten fresh. After they get cold, they lost the crunchiness and get all soggy. Those piping hot Vadas with a crunchy exterior and soft pillowy interior dipped in that hot sambar are a treat to your tastebuds you just can not resist.

Poori: They serve three huge pooris alongside a really small sized Katori of aloo sabzi. Which is actually pretty bland. The quantity of aloo sabzi was very less, so I requested to bring some more, they readily got me a refill.

Uthappam: The top of the uttapam was very crispy with a soft bottom. The top was filled with lots of sesame seeds. If you don’t like sesame seeds is not a good option for you, as it was literally packed with them. Loved the flavors, would recommend.


Masala Dosa: Very filling Dosa. Crispy exterior filled with such flavorful filling. A classic yet delicious plate of dosa.

Onion Rawa Masala Dosa: This one is one of the heaviest dish options. I couldn’t finish it all by myself. Yet so so delicious that I just couldn’t stop eating either, must try.

Mushroom Dosa: Being a mushroom lover, I have been to Chutneys many times just to have their mushroom dosa. It has a very good amount of filling, a generous amount of good quality and fresh mushrooms tastes really good.

Garlic Dosa: At first it sounded weird, but we decided to give it a try, and we actually loved it. If you like the taste of garlic, and you like eating garlic naans, you will definitely love it. The quantity of thinly chopped garlic is really good.

Paneer Tikka Dosa: Paneer pieces were quite sweet while the gravy was a bit spicy. So it was kind of a weird combination and tasted okay.

Best of North Indian:

Paneer Butter Masala: We asked them to make it spicy, and it tasted great. I wasn’t expecting north Indian food to be that good here, expecting it to be more of a dosa place, but they definitely proved us wrong.

Chole Bhature: They serve one huge sized bhatura. Bhatura was good, not very greasy. But I didn’t like their chole. They were not very flavorful and kind of bland.

Malai Kofta: I would never recommend you order it, honestly even the waiter warned us while we were ordering it, that it’s going to be really sweet. And asked us to reconsider, but we thought of giving it a shot anyway. And omg it was actually very very sweet. Thick gravy and heavy paneer balls packed with dry fruits.

Garlic Naan, Lacha parantha, masala kulcha: They were all good. I would highly recommend trying their masala kulcha.

North Indian Lunch Thali

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