Mayur Pan House – Street Food Spot

Mayur Pan House – Street Food Spot

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Mayur Pan House is a famous street food eatery in Hyderabad. It has grown from a small stall to big shops in nine different locations in the main city of Hyderabad. They provide many delicious chat options. The quality and taste of everything we tried was really well. I have visited Mayur Pan House twice. It is not a fancy seating, but an open restaurant. Sardarji’s chaat is more of a north Indian chaat, whereas Mayur Pan house, I’d say represents more of Maharashtra flavors.

Here’s the food review:

Pav Bhaji: It was really good. Definitely, the best pav bhaji I have had so far in Hyderabad. Apt amount of butter and flavorful low to medium spicy bhaji.

Masala Pav Bhaji and Cheese Masala Pav Bhaji: These were of course even tastier than Pav Bhaji. In masala pav bhaji version pavs are covered in spicy masala which added beautifully to the flavor. Cheese pav bhaji is basically masala pav served with cheese slice put over the hot bhaji. Sweet melting cheese flavor goes perfectly with the spicy bhaji. Although all pav bhaji versions are pretty good, I would recommend Masala Pav Bhaji on top surely.

Avocado Shake: It was quite thick and heavy. Tasted very good. They overdid the Sugar syrup though and it became quite sweet, but the overall flavor was really good. Avocados seemed to be of good quality.

Sev puri: They had put too much sev on it which I felt kind of curbed all other flavors. It was okay.

Alu Toast: One of my favorite. Basically a version of Mumbai aloo Sandwich. Topped with sev, really good chutneys and potato flavors. Basically best evening snack with that tea.

Dabeli: Since we extremely were full, but I really wanted to try this one, we got it packed and had it after two-three hours. Although it was cold, it tasted really good. I’d say it was pretty close to the Dabeli we had in Mumbai.

Chole Chaat: Pretty good quantity for the price. Mint chutney, imli chutney, and flavorful chole with curry which was actually quite spicy, topped with raw chopped onions. The crunch from the papdi’s added for the chat is surely the charm of the dish.

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