Echoes – Inspiration to the younger generation

Echoes – Inspiration to the younger generation

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Firstly I really appreciate Echoes efforts of providing deaf and mute people jobs. Our society needs to increase this practice to make these people feel that they are in no way different from a normal person, just because of their disabilities.

Echoes ambience of the place is really cosy. Each table is provided with a buzzer, to call the waiter whenever you are ready to order. Each of the dish in the menu is provided with a certain combination of alphabets and numbers. They provide a page on which you can write down your order and can easily customise the meals, if needed.

Coming on to food:

They have a wide variety of options from Italian to North Indian food to different kinds of starters and really good dessert options. Here are some of the things I have tried:

Cheese backed nachos(Veg): Crisp nachos with a hell lot of cheese and a pretty good amount of toppings, and yummy salsa dip served no the side. It was a perfect combination of different flavors.

Veg tandoori momos: Another really amazing dish, served with onions and green chutney on the side. Although I do miss the spicy momos chutney, being a Delhi person :p They weren’t as good as the Delhi one’s, but these momos were pretty good.

Baked cheese cream chicken pasta: Beyond words delicious, really…!!! MUST TRY. Good quality tender chicken pieces and delicious baked cheese flavor.

Butter Chicken Thali: Butter chicken was finger licking yummy… It had the proper Punjabi taste to it. Served with lachha parantha, mutton kebabs and for sweet at the end, they gave a piece of jaggery. Overall pretty filling thali.

Waffle with Nutella and icecream: Nicely made hot waffle crispy outside and soft inside. Filled with Nutella all over. They didn’t show any skimpiness in adding Nutella. Served with Vanilla icecream. The best part of the whole meal. 🙂

Ferrero Rocher Shake and Red velvet shake: Delicious. Medium of heavy thick shakes, a good amount of Ferrero rocher, and red velvet one is a must-try for red velvet cake lovers.

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