Chai Point – India Runs on Chai Review

Chai Point – India Runs on Chai Review

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Chai is a pertinent part of the daily life of Indians. Software cultures basically run over the chai table minds. With new innovations, new visions, and day by day increasing startups, it was about time someone took the roadside tea stalls to fancy levels. Chai point is basically a hygienic and good quality, large scale tea stall, expanding from basic samosa and bun maska to numerous other snack options.

Being a software engineer tea and coffee has been a part of my life for many years now. Although being a coffee lover my trips are more often to Starbucks, but whenever I feel cold or sick the only thing that comes to mind as a cure is having some piping hot ginger tea from Chai Point.

Food Review:

Ginger Chai – Chai point is known for its ginger tea. The very first time I ordered, I was surely suspicious of how they’ll manage for the tea to remain hot for home delivery. But their packaging is really impressive. The tea stays piping hot even after an hour (as long as you haven’t opened it). Ginger flavor is surely prominent and quite soothing to the throat. You can instruct them about the amount of sugar to be added. They have started giving jaggery and honey options too now.

Samosa: Well my encounters with ordering samosa haven’t always been the same. Sometimes they send fresh and hot samosas. Other times they are room temperature and taste like, they have been made like half a day ago. The size of the samosas is pretty good. And the quantity of filling is pretty good too so they are quite filling.

Poha: Having ordered many times, sometimes I get it pretty hot and good to eat directly. But sometimes I received the kind of cold poha. So be prepared to receive that. I reheated and eat in that case. Pretty good. Filled with curry leaves and peanuts.

Classic Vegetable Maggi: If you order it at home, it’s kind of obvious you will receive it cold. So, it’s best to order while dining in. I am one of those people who like dry maggi, but their’s is like extremely dry. Which becomes very chewy after getting cold, doesn’t taste very good.

Vada Pav: I tried it just once. Thankfully it was sent freshly made, tasted pretty good. The masala they put inside the bun is kind medium spicy and adds good kick to the dish.

Veg Puff: I was disappointed with the filling inside the veg puff. The outside was nice and crispy but the filling was quite less.


Paneer Tikka Sandwich: One of the first things I tried from the chai point menu was their Sandwiches. I faced the same problem with these sandwiches sometimes too. Although Sandwiches don’t taste that bad at room temperature, I do feel that sometimes the paneer in the sandwich is not very fresh, which spoils it completely. Hence after ordering 2-3 times, I prefer to go for the Bombay sandwich now instead.

Bombay Masala Sandwich: The filling is decent to low, as you can see in the picture. The overall taste is okay though.


Banana Cake: The constant dessert of Chai Point. I just love their banana cake. It’s very spongy and has a strong banana flavor. The amount of sugar is perfect which makes it even better.

Bun Maska: This was actually the first time I tried Bun Maska. I tried it at the chai point joint in the Inorbit mall. So good thing was it was served hot. It’s basically a bun cut in half and filled with cream and butter layer. It’s sweet in taste, pretty good, and quite heavy.

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