Tiki Shack – Rooftop Bar Review

Tiki Shack – Rooftop Bar Review

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During the hectic engineering college student life, pubs become a part of the agony relieving process. As the sleepless exams end or the last night of the semester arrives, where some students choose to doze off to complete their sleep, most go to explode their happiness of freedom in the form of dancing, good food, and drinks. Tiki Shack is like 10 minutes walk from IIIT Hyderabad university. So, I and my friends have been here numerous times after our exams. In fact, the day I got placed, I visited Tiki Shack for 5 nights consecutively. Aah!! memories!.

They are open till late and more importantly, their DJ is really good. It’s just so hard to stop dancing once you start. Plus they offer Zomato Gold on drinks, so it makes the prices quite reasonable. The ambiance is really good, there’s a variety of seating areas. Their small bell lights rooftop stands out and is quite famous. The place is jam-packed on weekends. Make sure to make a reservation before going.

Tiki Shack food menu is quite elaborate. There are many options to choose from. Taste-wise food is pretty decent. We mostly like to stick to basic snack options like fries, garlic bread, nachos, masala peanuts, etc. Did try the pizza once, it was pretty good both in taste and quantity.

I did have a spat with the owner once regarding zomato gold. He refused to apply zomato gold on corona beer. I arranged a call with the zomato customer care as he wasn’t supposed to say no to that order according to gold rules. He said he knows the offer is valid on beer but he was adamant about not allowing it. It made me quite furious and I decided not to visit the place again after that, but honestly, their DJ is so good, I have been there countless times even after the incident ?. Sometimes you gotta let go of your ego when it comes to good food and DJ.

Here’s the elaborate food review:

Paneer pakora: They were okay. I have had Paneer pakoras in Hyderabad from 3-4 food joints. So far these were the best ones. But I have still had way better paneer pakoras in my hometown Hisar, Haryana. The thing is that they were covered properly, but the paneer pieces inside were completely bland. When you are using a big paneer chunk you have to make sure there’s some way to provide enough flavor that, the person doesn’t feel they are eating a raw paneer chink by itself. The quantity was okay according to the price.

Veg fried momos: They were good. This was actually the first time I had a fried form of veg momos. In Delhi, I always went for steamed ones. I liked these a lot. The filling was flavorful and the quantity was ok too. Would recommend. If you are looking for best momos in Hyderabad, I would recommend The Himalayan Cafe.

Sauteed spicy Mushrooms: They were not spicy at all. The taste was okayish, the gravy was overpowering the taste of mushrooms, I could hardly taste them and the quantity of the dish was just okay. Won’t recommend it.

Pizza: Tiki Shack provides a pretty cool concept of taking pizza orders. You are given a page and a pencil. The page contains two sections, one containing a list of veg toppings another a list of nonveg toppings, all with a small tick-box on the side. Just tick the boxes of toppings you want. And choose the type of base you would like. The pizza was huge, pretty good quantity, and quite filling. The taste was pretty decent. Can be ordered if you are pretty hungry.

In drinks the cocktails are pretty good. LIIT and Jägermeister are must try. Whisky Sour is also decent.

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