Churrolto – A Pastry Chef’s dream

Churrolto – A Pastry Chef’s dream

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When it comes to the best of the dessert places in Hyderabad Concu is the first one to pop in my head. But Churrolto although relatively new a franchise was pretty close to my place and quite in budget compared to Concu, serving some of the best desserts in town.

Got to know about this cute little cozy place, Churrolto from some of my college friends. As the place is open until late at night, we went here to celebrate a friend’s birthday at 11:30. I have been here 5-6 times, the owner is almost always there at the counter. He is really sweet and so cute. In fact, once I visited here with my all-girls gang and we requested him to click a picture with us. He told us about how he and his baker friend started Churrolto. His friend is actually the one who makes the dessert, although after all these successful years of business they have a lot bigger fam now.

Dessert Review:

Classic Churros with espresso choco shot: This was the first time I had churros, they were really heavy, and as I like cinnamon a lot, I loved them. Coffee was giving a great flavor too. But I am gonna try Nutella the next time I visit them, I am sure it will be even better.

Churro ice-cream sandwich: Had it with chocolate ice cream, the outside churro is hot and covered with a lot of cinnamon and powdered sugar. So ice cream starts melting, so you have to eat it readily, I just loved it. In fact, I liked it more than normal churros, as that hot and cold combination takes it to the next level. Would recommend.

Chocolate mousse: My favorite. This dessert is the compulsory thing on my plate whenever I visit Churrolto. It’s light and airy in texture. So so beautiful aptly sweet flavor of chocolate. It just melts in your mouth. MUST TRY.

Blueberry cheesecake: It was okay, the blueberry topping tasted great, but I didn’t like the cheese layer that much. I found it very dry. Plus the portion was really small.

Hershey’s Cheese Cake: Same with this one, the chocolate layer on top was great, but I found the lower layer quite dry.

Mud pie: It’s served with hot chocolate sauce on the side, It was good, can be improved.

Golden Apple: It was good. If you like the taste of apple pie, you would like it. The portion was really small.

Other than Dessert:

They have many snack options too. I didn’t hear very good reviews about non-dessert items from my friends, so didn’t try many things. So far I have tried two of the items.

Chicken wings: Pieces had very less amount of chicken on it. The flavor of the seasonings is actually pretty spicy and tasted pretty good. Overall can be tried once.

Chicken Burger: It was a decent burger. The chicken patty was thick and quite juicy. Desserts do become over the top sweet, so you surely feel like getting some snacks on the side.

P.S.: At the end they provide complementary gems with the bill ?.

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