The Pizza Bakery – Brew & Eatery Review

The Pizza Bakery – Brew & Eatery Review

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The Pizza Bakery comes among one of the highest-rated restaurants on Zomato, in Bengaluru. Going through the reviews, it can be presumed that this is one of the places to visit for having some scrumptious, and authentic Italian.

So, I was scrolling Zomato looking for a good place to celebrate my birthday with some of my close friends. I decided to go ahead with The Pizza Bakery primarily because Tiramisu is one of my most favourite desserts. And I saw a lot of appreciate comments on the Tiramisu served at The Pizza Bakery. So, with food already being labelled delicious, Tiramisu helped lock the decision.
Ambience is quite pretty and elegant. There’s a huge Mona Lisa Wall. Huge and Comfortable seating area. Service is really polite and the waiters suggested some of the best dishes to us. Overall quantities of the dishes were pretty good.

Coming to Food:


Ordered Cheese balls for veg and Meatballs for non veg starter. Cheese Balls were served with two different sauces on the side. Cheese balls did complete justice to the name, oozing with cheese and the sauces gave a delicious flavor to it. Meatballs surely were the star dish of the starters. OMG one of the best meatballs I have had till date. MUST TRY. Perfect spice level, and the flavor of that gravy was absolutely A1. These also served pita breads on the side.

Side Dishes:

Ordered Olives Garlic Bread in veg and Pepperoni Garlic Bread for non veg. They serve a unique boat shaped garlic bread. It has a stuffing of Mozzarella and caramelised onions on the inside of the base, topped with a variety of topping options. Along with the uniqueness of the presentation and making of dish, taste was also pretty unique. Not comparable to the Italian garlic breads we have at Dominoes, Pizza Hut etc. Garlic flavor was very subtle and those caramelised onions take the taste to another direction altogether. The amount of toppings were pretty generous.

Garlic bread with Olives was pretty good, the sourness from olives beautifully balanced that sweetness from cheese and onions. Although I quite didn’t like the Pepperoni Garlic Bread. This was actually my first encounter with pepperoni, they were very chewy and after a minute of chew I felt like all the flavor was gone, it was a bland piece of pepperoni.

Main Course (Pizza):

The Pizza Bakery is needless to say known for its pizzas. They serve authentic Italian wood fired sourdough pizza. There are a couple of additional flavor options to play experiment with your pizza like, adding Burrata cheese ball on top of it, or Flaming the pizza using hot rum, called Flambe. We ordered Truffled Funghi Misti pizza.

As flambe experience sounded super cool, we decided to give it a try only in half portion of the pizza. They actually bring rum to your table and put it on fire in front of you. It’s such a cool experience. Well taste wise I’d say I liked the non flambe part. The rum part wasn’t bad but the rum made the pizza kind of soggy. The strong aroma and taste of rum overpowered the taste of pizza toppings. I could barely taste anything else. So, I’d say Flambe is mostly for rewarding to your eyes.


Well The prime of the evening, their Traditional Tiramisu. The moment I was waiting for since I arrived to The Pizza Bakery. Made in classic Italian way, with soaked Savoiardi Biscuits and served with coffee flavoured Ice cream on top. I honestly couldn’t have asked for a more delicious Tiramisu. I can very easily say this has been the best Tiramisu I have had till today. Well it wasn’t cheap but worth every bite. Haha..!! My mouth is literally drooling writing this ?. MUST TRY for coffee lovers.

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