IDC – Idli Dosa Coffee

IDC – Idli Dosa Coffee

Taste, Quality, Price, and Cleanliness are the four pillars that decide the level of a restaurant. When all four of these are tick marked by a place, you’ll always see it with long waiting queues and crowded. IDC is a tiny food stall in the Koramangala area of Bangalore.

IDC serves one of the best tastings and in budget south food I have had to date. While I was doing an internship in Bangalore, IDC was like five minutes walk from my office, so we used to go down there to have lunch many times.

Food Review:

Masala Dosa, Plain Dosa, and Uthappam: IDC dosa texture is out-and-out. Crispy shiny outer with softer ghee texture from the inside. Perfect comfort food for breakfast and lunch. Utappams, fluffy rice pancakes tasted great. They also served some gun powder on the side. Special mention to their Garlic and Coconut chutney. Nothing would have tasted nearly as good if it wasn’t for those delicious chutneys.

Akki Roti: This was my first encounter with Akki Roti. I am so glad I got to try it at IDC. I fell in love with the flavors. Cooked beautifully, served hot, delicious.

Filter Coffee: Needless to say, my compulsory order at every visit. Nothing like that first sip, it just takes flies away all the tension.

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