After finalizing my plans for visiting Goa, I started researching the best food joints Goa has to offer. I came across like 10-12 must-visit restaurants, but because my trip was just 3 days long, I had to narrow down the list. Here’s the list of restaurants I visited and absolutely loved:

The Fisherman’s Wharf

If you are looking for the best goan cuisine dining experience without worrying about the cost, Fisherman’s Wharf is on the top of the list. The first time I visited Fisherman’s Wharf was in Hyderabad, and their food never failed to impress me in multiple visits. So, I had to go try out the most authentic goan Food they have to offer.

Decided to order the Lobster cooked in Recheado masala and Butter Garlic Jumbo Prawn. I mean sweetmeat with butter garlic never fails to impress, so Jumbo Prawns were A1, but the highlight definitely goes to Recheado Lobster. The masala is so delicious, the perfect level of spice complementing with the Poyee bread served on the side. Must-try dish. The lobster came out to be 3500 bucks and Jumbo Prawn around 1000 bucks, the food experience was surely worth the money.

I requested the manager if he could share with me the different spices that go into the making of Recheado Masala, he was happy to show them to me.

In the vegetarian menu we went for Cheesy Loaded Fries, which were okay, kind of bland, so asked them to add some pepper on them later.
French cheesy baguette, they were ASK SHRENIK.
Zafrani Paneer Tikka tasted really good. The paneer was really soft and the zafrani coating, very flavorful, served with 3 kinds of sauces, onion chutney, mind chutney, and garlic chutney, all adding beautifully to the paneer flavors.
Thai Green Curry with Rice, definitely the star of vegetarian spread. The coconut aroma from the Thai curry was so soothing and they tasted absolutely delicious. Must try.
Penne Alfredo Pasta: It was full of veggies, the quantity was really good, but the pasta was pretty bland, we had to add a lot of pepper to it.

Last but not least for dessert we ordered Devil’s chocolate cake, which was divine. It reminded me exactly of Chocolate Truffle Pastry from Karachi Bakery in Hyderabad. Which I can never get enough of.

Martin’s Corner

Another really famous food experience in South Goa goes to Martin’s Corner, serving authentic Goan cuisine. After putting a huge part of my budget in Fisherman’s Wharf, I couldn’t afford to have another lobster or crab. But I went for the next best things they had to offer. I ordered Chicken Cafreal curry and Prawns Xacuti curry along with steamed rice and goan poyee on the side.

The prawn’s curry was to my surprise very sweet when I was actually expecting it to be on the spicy side. Prawns were very well cooked and absolutely delicious but I couldn’t quite bear eating the curry alone with poyee. Chicken Cafreal tasted absolutely delicious. The curry was on the less spicy side giving a beautiful Coriander and garlic taste, the chicken was very well cooked.

Chef Slicy’s

While browsing through Swiggy one fine hungry afternoon, I came across this 4.5 rated restaurant Chef Slicy’s. Went through the menu, I immediately knew what I want to order. They have a huge menu and a variety of options. I went for:
Chicken Xacuti and Mushroom-Potato Cafreal Poyee: This is basically, what you can call a goan vada pav. Instead of pav there’s goan poyee bread and instead of vada, there are different fillings. I got the chicken Xacuti and Mushroom-Potato Cafreal filling.
I fell in love with the chicken xacuti in the first bite, the masala was so flavorful, medium spicy, perfectly salted and chicken was so tender and juicy, must try whenever you get a chance.
Mushroom-Potato Cafreal is a great vegetarian option, the quantity of mushroom could be a bit more, but the masala was delicious. Must try again.
Also ordered Butter Garlic Poyee: It was basically a plain poyee bread with a mouthwatering butter garlic sauce poured over it. I was literally licking my fingers at the end. Its a great snack to have with your tea.
Chef Slicy’s also sent a complementary dessert along with my order. Classic Serradura, a creamy pudding made of milk cream, butter, condensed milk topped with cookies crumbles. Traditional portuguese classic recipe since 1812. It was delicious, not very sweet, the pudding had the texture of panna cota and the cookie crumbles seemed to be of some sort of digestive biscuits. Overall a good dessert to end the lunch.


  1. A part if the exceptional property of the Park Hyatt, the Village Square is a restaurant with a different theme and different menus too. Yes, you heard it right, the different menus, this single restaurant boasts of being a host to four different menus. Epitomising the Goan experience, the Zeebop restaurant in south Goa is among the best in the city. This restaurant goes with the perfect laid-back vibe of the place like Goa and further accentuates the experience of the tourists with food to die for.

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