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The Pizza Bakery – Brew & Eatery Review

The Pizza Bakery comes among one of the highest-rated restaurants on Zomato, in Bengaluru. Going through the reviews, it can be presumed that this is one of the places to visit for having some scrumptious, and authentic Italian. So, I was scrolling Zomato looking for a good place to celebrate my birthday with some of […]

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Best of Authentic Italian Restaurants in Hyderabad

1. Flying Spaghetti Monster Whenever I think of authentic Italian restaurants in Hyderabad, Flying Spaghetti Monster is the first place that pops up in my head. They have a huge entirely Italian menu, everything they serve is just so good. It surely isn’t easy on the pocket, but provides a memorable dining experience.Check out the […]

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Best of Romantic Restaurants in Hyderabad

Here are the top five most romantic restaurants in Hyderabad, in no particular order: Olive Bistro Olive Bistro is a must-visit on your list if you are in Hyderabad. This place is like entering a huge elegant white Bungalow. Visiting it at night is like a dream, long entrance pathway with wide and low stairs […]

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Little Italy – Authentic Italian for Vegetarians

I have heard different opinions from many of my friends about Little Italy. Especially the hardcore non-vegetarians don’t want to go back here ever. But I for one love love love this place. I would surely recommend the buffet over ala carte if you have budget constraints. Although the quality of food served in the […]

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Ohris Rubaiyat – The Mughlai Mahal by Ohris

Ohris offers many many branches of different themes and cuisines all over Hyderabad. It has a beautiful Mughlai darbar themed ambiance and food menu. Ohris Rubaiyat will always be close to my heart, as this is where I and my boyfriend had our first date. The food and service are really good. Afterward, I have […]

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